The Strangest Dissertation Topics That Changed History

Strangest Dissertation Topics
Let us discuss some of the most bizarre dissertation topics of history. The Second World War is still a painful and tragic reminder of the staggering death toll. Its significance will not quickly disappear because it happened fairly recently and there are still people who took part in it. Let us show you some of the strange dissertation topics as suggested by dissertation writing services about it.
  • How would have happened in the world had Germany won WWII?
  • Strengths Hitler's army possessed that won most of its victories
  • State that suffered the most from outcomes of the Second World War.
  • Second WW repercussions for Germany & Japan: similarities & differences
  • Fife events which ensured the triumph of the allies over Germany
  • Reasons for the overemphasis put on American bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
  • Black civilians during the Second World War
  • Nazi experiments for prisoners of modern German medicine
  • Compare a medieval Renaissance painting

This is such a broad subject that can inspire someone to equate a Renaissance painting to a Medieval One. Choose your favorite medieval and Renaissance paintings, and compare them in detail. Because this is a lecture, it allows you space to explore the social conditions that gave birth to these paintings in detail. You should write about the painter’s inspiration. You may then proceed to examine how each painting's characteristics compare with the typical characteristics of the time in which it was produced. Eventually, employing an eloquent debate, you can compare the two paintings.

Criticizing A Not Well-Known Artwork:
Many scholarly papers on Mona Lisa, The Creation of Adam, The Vitruvian Man, and other popular works of art dating from this time have been published. You need an interesting subject that will help an average student search for advice from college papers. You are not an ordinary student; you are a Ph.D. candidate and you need a complex topic that not many people have been talking about.

Why Is Food Culture Depicted In Renaissance Paintings?
This one is amusing. Doctoral applicants prefer to choose "serious" subjects that will please the academic community. That's perfect. But this is not a statute. Choosing an interesting and enjoyable dissertation subject would please the committee greatly. Of course; you need a fantastic subject and the most amazing way you need to address it.

The Possibility Of Unicorns:
It is a problem that has plagued the Internet for decades: will there be unicorns? At least the short answer is no. Still, an undergraduate in philosophy at King's College London, Rachael Patterson wanted to examine whether a complete dissertation on the subject's more abstract aspects would draw the same result.

Does Country Music Make You Suicidal?
Country music is one of the most popular music genres in the United States, with a wide audience across all age ranges. But despite its recurrent themes of wedded disharmony and binge drinking, Steven Stack of Wayne State University and Jim Gundlach of Auburn University wanted to examine whether country music may affect the levels of urban suicide in America.

Their coursework research paper "The Impact of Country Music on Suicide" published in 1992 discovered a clear correlation between the amount of country music radio airplay in any particular city and the rate of suicide among the white population in that area. The reaction was mixed: Stack and Gundlach got hate mail initially but they won the medicine Ig Nobel Prize in 2004.

The Effects Of Cocaine On Bees:
The impact of cocaine on human body movement can be witnessed on just about every given weekend in nightclubs all over the world. And the tediously familiar overestimation of dancing prowess, as it turns out, is not only confined to humans. A team of researchers led by gene Robinson, professor of entomology and neuroscience at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studied how honey bees are affected by low doses of cocaine in a 2009 paper titled "effects of cocaine on honey bee dance behavior." Honey bees are known to perform dances when they encounter a plentiful source of food; and the team found that administering the drug caused bees to circle about 25 percent faster and dance more exuberantly and for longer. Even the bees inflated their bounty size. No surprise then.

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