Friday, January 31, 2020

What is New in Prowise Presenter Version 8

Prowise Presenter Version 8
Prowise presenter is a browser based software which takes the usual white board teaching up a notch. It brings a whole new meaning to white board interactions and interactive studying. The basic idea and theme behind this is to advance the old school white board teaching. You can show videos about any related subject picked out right from anywhere on the internet. Just imagining about the possibilities will make you wonder and dream about how much we have progressed. That is not even the best news, prowise presenter just got a whole lot better with there latest version 8 which has some powerful upgrades.

Upgrades in Prowise Presenter Version 8:Lets start off with the most important and much awaited upgrades like muti-tab operations. Yes! Now all users of prowise will be able to open multiple tabs in the same main window without disturbing anything on their main screen. This opens up so many possibilities and also takes multi tasking to a whole new level of advancement. Prowise presenter version 8 also supports switching between tabs effortlessly while keeping it all under one secure roof. This is why it is recommended by most of dissertation help provider companies.

Then comes the last used settings remembrance feature which has been added tp the latest version 8 update. You will now have saved settings from your previous work done and will be available for you whenever you use it again. It will be a choice based decision that whether you want to use those settings or come up with new ones on the spot. The illustrations and interaction buttons have also been updated to suit the work environment of prowise presenter making the user interface better. The overall user experience has been paid a lot of attention to and has been made better in version 8.

A new feature called the puzzle maker allows you create and use your own puzzle and let students solve it. The puzzles are jigsaws made from whatever image you want to be used for it without any restrictions what so ever. There are a number of images already included with the puzzle maker but you can use your own as well. Apart from all of the above mentioned perks, the balance tool has also been updated. The maths balance tool will help your students get an idea of what you are teaching through interactive problem solving.

For example the weight balance practice can help students understand the meaning of equality and balancing by hanging weights in the correct order. The latest update also has a coding tool that will help you in minimal coding like moving characters across screens using simple algorithms. To top it all off, the ProConnect has also been improved drastically and has been made very user friendly with cool intercations. If you have no prior experience of using ProConnect then don't worry because you can still start. You as a teacher can interact with your students using the ProConnect app without any hassle. Handing out assignments and get them back solved is no problem at all.
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