Role of Social Media in Our Professional Lives

Role of Social Media
The role of social media in our lives, the wrong and correct information being fed day and night, information being available without even asking for it and knowledge being unverified has all been very occupying lately. One can’t differentiate between right and wrong and our own opinions and thoughts have abandoned us. It can be used in right way for education propose as well as finding dissertation writing services. In a time like this, the people who are most vulnerable and effected are either teenagers or the people who are entering their professional lives. First and the foremost thing that has a very negative impact on our brains and emotions are seeing the success stories of our fellow job seekers and friends who have studied and graduated with us from the same school or college or the ones whom we know personally.

Every year with fresh graduates coming out of schools, it not only gives a nation’s literacy rate a slight increase, it also increases the competition. Competition within the job seekers and later in the companies they find jobs in with the people who are already working there with greater experience and grasp on their work. All this when put together creates a very difficult place for the existing new people entering their professional lives. Because where they are trying day and night to sneak in for a position in a company, they see their friends already successful in finding jobs and having a good time.

What we need to know is, the struggle that they may have been doing to get there, and how early they started working towards their goal. They may not have reached the place they are at today but they may have started way before us to grow career. We need to not get discouraged, and instead use the same social media in our favor and use it in our advantage. There are simple things one can do to boost productivity and incorporate those things and activities into our daily routine. For example, take advantage from the free professional trainings offered online which are relevant to one’s academic qualification, take free quizzes that enhance our skills, language tests, apply for jobs on portals, which offer free services and no commission.

Make a profile on famous professional websites, which offer communication between professionals and through which one can learn to improve their skills and approach towards their dream job and ultimate goal. We need to make sure to keep away from activities online that distracts us and work with dedication and motivation, take motivation from other people’s success instead of getting discouraged and feeling inferior.

There is always a perfect opportunity around the corner for text citation of thesis and it will always knock at the very least once before going to somebody else, what we need to make sure of is to grab it without wasting time in thinking about it. Always keep yourself updated and take as many notes and tips from people who are at a good point in their careers. There are always both good and bad uses of internet and social media, it is up to our capability to use them whichever way we know best.

Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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