The Impact Of Social Status Of Students On Their Academic Performance: Does Poverty Affects Students' Marks

The name of the relative respect of the people within an organization is known as the social status. This social status has a lot of impact on the academic performance of the students. There are many types of the social status like ascribed status, leadership, position, honours, social skills, and poverty. If we talk about the poverty, then we come to know that there are also a lot of effects of this poverty on the academic performance of the students. Here, we will discuss the impacts of the social status on the academic performance of the students.
1) Fewer enrichment activities

If we want to boost up the brain power of the children, then it is an unavoidable thing for us to allow them to participate in the different types of the learning activities. The best activities to boost up the brain power of the children are to provide them with some books according to their interests, to provide them with some toys according to their interest, to provide them with a modern computer, and to create some activities for them in order to participate in the music programs. If the students belong to a poor family, then it is almost impossible for their families to arrange such types of the facilities for them.

2) They face acute and chronic stress

The children who belong to the poor families face a lot of acute and chronic stress in their minds. They face stress in the school, society, and living environment. Due to this constant stress on their minds, they are not able to perform the different tasks accurately. Its main reason is that due to this stress, different cells in their brain have weakened and the weaken cells also become the cause of prevention of the growth of the other cells.

3) They face a lot of environmental hazards

The poor students also face a lot of environmental hazards during their academic career. Due to these environmental hazards, they are not able to perform well. The most famous environmental hazards for the students are indoor air pollution, asthma, and outdoor air pollution. Moreover, during the academic career, there is a possibility that the students are not able to write an academic paper and they will have to these academic papers. The poor students also face a lot of hazards to buy an academic paper from the dissertation writing services.

4) They face some healthcare issues
It is a common phrase that a sound body has a sound mind. If a child is suffering from the health care issues, then how is it possible for them to perform well in the class. The most common healthcare problems that are faced by the poor children are asthma, headache, depression, accelerating ageing, premature death, and so on. To face these healthcare issues is not a big issue rather than the big issue is that the poor children don’t have enough money and opportunities to take medicine in order to enjoy a healthy life.

Due to these problems, the poor children are not able to perform well in their academic career.

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