Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tablets Mobiles for Coursework Writing; Good Idea or Bad

Coursework Writing
We want flawless coursework writing from coursework writing services and we need to make it easier, smoother and fun. So what are the things that need to be changed in order to make the work fun, exciting, easy and convenient? We all have PCs but how does Tablets change the game and replace PC for coursework?
  • Although we know that PCs can’t be replaced by tablets, we do know that there is a major difference in their sizes whether you are comparing a desktop or laptop. So, with a tablet, you can keep it around with you in the smallest of back packs because they are more portable than laptops and can fit a purse or a backpack. So, you can continue writing that essay while waiting for a friend outside your college, in the bud or anywhere at all. Just take out your tablet and start working.
  • Tablets can have all the apps, if you are concerned about making powerpoint presentations on tablet, who needs that when you have Google Slides that works online and offline both without installing heavy software and having to pay monthly subscriptions.
  • If you have problems with the keyboard, you can install a variety of custom keyboards through Google Play Store and keep the one that suits you best or better yet, get a tiny Bluetooth keyboard and work on the go.
  • You can download helpful apps on your tablet that will help you during your coursework, vocabulary, literature, math, science everything is available out there.
  • While you work on your assignments and coursework writing, you can type it on Google drive and it keeps on saving your progress, so if you need to immediately quit the work in the middle, you don’t have to lose it, it will auto save your work.
  • You can make use of your dictionary app and you don’t have to take out your phone every time during coursework writing, you will have the app in your tablet.
  • Download dictation app and wear ear plugs, dictate the app your entire essay or assignment and do the formatting later when you are in the mood. This will be very helpful if you don’t like mad typing all day long.
  • It takes less space and only takes as much space as you need for your other books even along with a wireless keyboard. So that’s goes in favor for the people not able to carry laptops along.
  • Working on coursework on tablet is easier and is very convenient with all the apps within the tablet that you may need for coursework writing.
  • You can download the books and read them in your tab or get a reading app, with a tablet; you can everything around you on the go. Sync it with your Google drive to never lose any important document.

If time is an issue for your coursework, you can try the coursework writing services for that to make time for your subjects. And invest in a tab because most of the academic life, we are writing assignments!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Common Essay Writing Blunders to Avoid at All

Essay Writing Blunder
Essay writing blunders are very common and chances are you have been making them all along. Ever wonder why the best essays you write are always behind in marks? That is because essays are written based on guidelines and even the most basic type of essay writing has some rules. So pay attention to those rules in order to avoid making makes. The most common essay writing blunders are:
  • To start your essay with a famous quote or any quote at all. Always write essay in your own words, do not start an essay with a quote.
  • Using too complicated vocabulary to show off the rich word band. Using unfamiliar and uncommon words a lot can cause a great problem. Avoid using difficult or too boring or repeated vocabulary in your essays.
  • Not following guidelines set by the tutor. No one wants to see their guidelines not followed or ignored. You must be sure before submitting your essays that you have paid attention to what the tutor wants. It reflects your good reading skills and that you pay attention.
  • Submitting essays without proofreading. The biggest blunder ever is to let go of the chance to make corrections in your work when it is still with you and regret later. You still have the hold of your work and you can make corrections in it. Always proofread the work several times and make sure you have thoroughly checked it before submitting your work.
  • Writing too much in introduction is another huge blunder. Some students find it too hard to not write a lot in the introduction of their essays. Introduction is only a line in the whole paragraph and should be inviting enough to make the reader read the entire essay. The introduction sells the essay, so be sure not to make it detailed to kill the attraction.
  • Starting a new issue in conclusion can be the worst mistake. It shows that the writer does not know what an essay is and has put together a random essay just to get done with it.
  • Losing the track is yet another blunder. Always read the paragraph after writing it and ask yourself if you are on track, keep on track and make sure when your essay is done, it mentions your agenda or the topic.

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